Gloucester County Internet Website Survey

We are continually working to expand and enhance Gloucester's web site.  Please take a moment to complete this survey to help us improve our site.  Thank you.


We value your suggestions.

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1. What changes or enhancements would you like to see to existing information?

2. What additional information would you like to see on Gloucester's web site?
3. What on-line transactions would you like added to our site that you currently do by mail or in person?
The following information will help provide more relevant information.

5. What category best describes who you are.  Select all that apply:   
Gloucester Citizen         Gloucester Business        Business not in Gloucester          
       Researcher         Other 

6. If you are a citizen of Gloucester, what part of Gloucester do you live in?  (Example:  Hayes, Gloucester Point, Ark, etc.)

 a) How long have you lived in Gloucester County? years

 b) Which age group includes your current age? Under 20 20-54 55+

 c) Do you have children age 18 or younger living at home? Yes    No

7. How can we contact you if we have questions?  *


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